About Us

AB&C Solutions (Ltd) is an established sheet metalwork and fabrication business based in Washington, Tyne and Wear.  We are a customer-focused, service-driven company that specialises in stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel. 

We appreciate that sheet metalwork has many complex aspects; therefore we pride ourselves in being able to offer particular expertise in the areas of work that we undertake.

All levels of the business, from the sales and marketing team, through to CAD and planning, product management, supervision, production workers, and our Quality Assurance, AB&C Solutions is staffed by skilled and experienced sheet metal fabricators – embodying a huge wealth of knowledge available to our clients.

Here at AB&C we like to keep it as simple as ABC. The concept, design, manufacture, completion, and installation are quality assured from start to finish as we can oversee all of your needs. From the initial site visit to ascertain your requirements and develop a working drawing or sketch, we can work with you to ensure all of your requirements are fulfilled throughout the lifetime of the project. We also offer full Engineering drawings including using auto CAD. 

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